IDVIA was selected by Brisa to participate in its EIC Procurers Day

On 18 March 2021, IDVIA had the pleasure to participate in an exclusive event promoted by the European Innovation Council (EIC) together with José de Mello, one of the Portugal’s largest economic groups.

This virtual session was dedicated to matching selected EIC-beneficiaries with José de Mello Group’s procurement needs in the fields of Mobility and Asset management as they were seeking to establish partnership between innovative European companies and Brisa, one of its companies.

Brisa is an international reference and the largest motorway infrastructure manager and mobility service provider in Portugal, with 1.628 km under concession. Brisa is a forward-looking organization with high tech intensity that wants to shape the future of highways with a strong focus con digital transformation.

After a Pitching session and Q&A where we highlighted how our innovative solution for structural health diagnosis of bridges can add value to Brisa, we engaged in one-to-one business meetings with representatives of the company where we explained in depth some aspects of our disruptive technology that make possible the development of Digital Twins of bridges, to understand its structural condition and performance, now and in the future, to ensure safety while implementing a predictive maintenance strategy that reduces the global investment needed. We also discussed the possibility of implementing a pilot project that could lead to a commercial agreement at a later stage.

This is the second time IDVIA has been selected to participate in an EIC Corporate Day, which is a real milestone for the company as in this case, more than a hundred companies applied to participate but only 13 were chosen by Brisa.

According to Salvador de Mello, CEO at the José de Mello Group, the synergies that emerge through these events promote knowledge transfer and the introduction of innovative technologies in their businesses. We hope that this event will result in important agreements that will contribute to achieve best-in-class operational performance and a long-term partnership.

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