While most of the current SHM services are based on displaying data recorded by different sensors without relying on real knowledge of the structure’s performance and the deterioration process taking place, our advanced methodology allows us to provide the client with the necessary knowledge through Structural Health Parameters and scenario simulations through which they can make intelligent management decisions.


To this end, our main value lies in the development of global structural models for each client, that work like a Digital Twin thanks to their combination with local deterioration models to diagnose and predict the evolution of the damage. These models are validated, calibrated and continuously updated by using sensors installed on the bridge, allowing accurate, continuous and real time diagnosis.

We offer infrastructure managers the possibility of having an accurate diagnosis of the structural health of their bridges. Our innovative methodology allows us not only to identify, locate and quantify visible and non-visible damage, but also to predict the evolution and relative importance, current and future, of each of these damages recorded in the overall stability of the structure. In this way, our technology makes it possible to guarantee safety while reducing maintenance costs by providing the knowledge necessary for our clients to adopt a predictive maintenance strategy.



Diagnostico continuo shm

We offer an innovative technology capable not only of identifying, locating and quantifying bridge damage, but also of accurately predicting how that damage will evolve in the future.

To this end, we develop an advanced numerical model of each bridge in which the structural elements (deck, beams, stiffeners, piers, abutments, tie beam, pile caps, piles) and their connections (expansion joints, supports, joints) are represented on the basis of an analysis and visual register of the structure itself. This model is validated and calibrated through the installation of specific sensor nodes following a detailed instrumentation plan.

With the continuous monitoring carried out by the sensors installed by our engineers and together with the simulation of scenarios based on likely combinations of loads on global and local models of deterioration, an accurate, continuous and real time diagnosis is obtained.

Through a digital platform customized according to our client’s requirements and needs, accessible 24/7, and weekly reports, the client acquires precise knowledge about structural deterioration at a very early stage and receives predictions about the remaining useful life, allowing for decision making.


Diagnostico puntual shm

This service is focused on knowing the current and foreseeable performance of a bridge in the future from its diagnosis at a specific moment in time when the need for continuous monitoring is not justified due to its size and/or condition.

The methodology is analogous to the continuous and real-time diagnosis, and the time that the sensors must be installed is determined to ensure that a representative and random sample of the loads on the bridge is collected, in order to infer statistical results with a specific error and reliability.

Through a complete and detailed report, the results of the discrete diagnosis are presented to the client to allow for the conclusions to be used in the corresponding decision making.

For the development of this innovative methodology we have received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 873261 (PAROST project)